ISU Students

For the Undergraduate Program at Iowa State, there were 171 students enrolled for the Fall of 2018. The incoming first-year cohort for the Fall of 2019 was record-setting, with 49 students coming onto campus. Along with that, we have our college students help out across our four school districts in various events.

One hundred thirty-five Science Bound graduates have now earned degrees from Iowa State. Seventy-five percent received degrees in ASTEM fields. This year’s graduates went on to such places as Kimberly Clark in Georgia; French-Reneker Associates, Inc., Keyot Consulting, John Deere, and DuPont Pioneer in Iowa; and graduate school at Iowa State University, Villanova University, and the University of Iowa.

Once Science Bound students come to Iowa State, they participate in multiple Science Bound programmings. Programming such as the first-year seminar and the second-year seminar. The first-year seminar focuses on time management, goal setting, effective presentations, and the development of study habits. The first-year seminar is primarily focused on creating a smoother transition for our students. Along with that, students have the opportunity to talk more about their intersecting identities and develop their STEM identity as well. Within the second-year seminar, the focus is more on career opportunities and preparation for the future. Additionally, Science Bound hosts a first-year retreat and an all-scholar retreat every August to kick off the school year.