Des Moines Activities

There are a variety of activities that Des Moines offers that our Science Bound students have the opportunity to participate in as a part of the program.


The CATALYST Leadership Program grew out of Science Bound’s 2007 Learn and Earn summer program. The program is currently supported by a number of corporate sponsors.

For more information, contact Science Bound, 515-294-1390.

Algebra Champions

Success in a technical career depends on a strong math base. To help ensure that tomorrows scientific leaders are prepared, Science Bound supports the Algebra Champions program in Des Moines. The program explores math concepts using algebra manipulatives.

DesMoines-studentsLearn and Earn

Math is the gatekeeper for success in science, technology, engineering and mathematic fields of study. To ensure that our students excel, Des Moines Science Bound students participate in Learn and Earn. This four week academic boot-camp builds math confidence through an aggressive curriculum delivery supported by academic instructors and reinforced with financial rewards.

The program is supported by a generous gift from Corteva Agri.