Reflection Essay

Reflection essay

All Science Bound students are required to write a cogent, professional, 1-2 page essay reflecting on their experiences in Science Bound and articulating their aspirations for future participation in the program. The essay should be based on what each student has personally learned as a result of participation in the Science Bound program and discuss what the student hopes to gain by continuing their participation in Science Bound at the high school level. There are specific expectations for this reflection essay and a rubric is provided for guidance.

The reflective essay should comprise 4-7 paragraphs, consisting of three sections:

  1. Thesis paragraph beginning with a thesis sentence which captures the essence of what the student has learned by participating in Science Bound or desires to gain from continued Science Bound participation. The thesis paragraph should also introduce the 3 or 4 main points in the paper that support the thesis sentence.  In addition, the thesis paragraph should explain how the essay is organized.
  2. Body of the paper should consist of 2-4 paragraphs in which the student reflects on the experiences s/he has had in Science Bound and explains the meaning and significance of those experiences.  Each paragraph in the body of the paper should present a separate and important concept that supports the thesis statement.  The body of the essay may include information about the goals the student has pursued, what the student has learned throughout Science Bound, and/or information or experiences the student still needs to gain to achieve their career or life goals.
  3. The essay should end with a conclusion paragraph that reiterates the thesis and summarizes the main points of the body of the paper. Finally, the conclusion should explain the importance of the thesis and make any final points of the essay.

In addition, the paper should be typed and presented in a way that is visibly appealing. It should include a descriptive title and the name and school of the author. Any references should be included at the end of the paper.