Parent shares positive experience with Science Bound

Angela Mickens, surgical nurse at Iowa Methodist Medical Center, and parent of four children, encouraged her youngest child, Xarius Mickens (Roosevelt) to participate in the Science Bound program when he was invited as a 7th grader at Moulton Extended Learning Center.

“He always showed an interest and intellect in science and math. I knew this program could groom and support him in his academic endeavors,” said Mickens.

Mickens wanted Xarius to participate in Science Bound because it would give him the opportunity to explore his options in science and math.

Xarius has had many positive experiences in Science Bound, according to Mickens. One of the summer programs that benefited Xarius was “Learn and Earn”. Mickens said “the program gave him a format of what society expects: positive work ethics and earning what you deserve.”

Mickens believes the Science Bound program helped her son become more comfortable socially as well. “I have seen Xarius become more engaged with the world around him since participating with the program,” said Mickens. Science Bound has also helped Xarius learn and develop skills that will benefit him in his career.

“One skill I hope that Xarius will gain from participating in the program is proper presentation of self, in which the world can see what he can contribute as a human being,” said Mickens.

Additionally, she shared that the opportunity that Science Bound offers provides students with academic and personal support, which includes access to financial resources and professional references. “The men being present to teach my young man has had the most profound effect of all,” added Mickens.

“Xarius will be attending Iowa State University in the fall of 2016 and will major in chemical engineering,” said his proud mother. “I see him accomplishing his degree in chemical engineering and working for a pharmacological company of his choice.”