Des Moines 2016 Honors Banquet: Knowledge, Passion, Impact

Science Bound celebrated a recordbreaking year with 59 high school seniors graduating from the pre-
college programs in three school districts (Des Moines 36, Denison 12, Marshalltown 11) and 12 Iowa State University (ISU) graduates. In Des Moines, the 2016 Honors Banquet took place at DuPont Pioneer’s Carver Center in Johnston, Iowa on April 21. More than 180 guests attended the banquet, including 36 high school and 9 Iowa State University seniors, to celebrate and to hear the President of DuPont Pioneer, Paul E. Schickler, who delivered the keynote address.

According to Dr. Connie Hargrave, Science Bound director, the banquet is, “more than a celebration, it’s a formal public acknowledgement of the accomplishments of these seniors. It’s a visual confirmation of the ability of each of our students to excel in college and their career.”

Schickler emphasized to the students the role of passion in their futures. “Knowledge and passion combined can create a positive impact that makes the world a better place,” said Schickler. “Passion, energy, and commitment, will help you be a part of the solutions that we need today.”

“It’s both an honor and a big deal that DuPont Pioneer President Paul Schickler is recognizing the importance and the significance of our Science Bound students,” said Dr. Hargrave. 

Student speaker Bryan Marroquin Martinez (Roosevelt, Callanan) is just one of those significant students. Marroquin Martinez, who received his bachelor’s degree in construction engineering from ISU in May, shared that although his start was a bumpy one, participating in Science Bound made his time in college rewarding.

“When I joined Science Bound I was a 14-year-old with hopes of college but little direction and support for getting me there. Now I am a young man, who on July 5, 2016, will start a new job as a control engineer with the Baker Group in Des Moines.” said Marroquin Martinez.

During the evening Science Bound also recognized the students who went the extra mile, during their high school career by seeking out opportunities and making positive things happen. Two Science Bound graduates, Madeline Edmonds (East) and Adbisalan Omar (Roosevelt) share the Student of the Year award for 2016.

“These students understand that this is their time – their time to learn, grow, and develop themselves and they have consistently made the most of the Science Bound opportunity,” said Dr. Hargrave.