For Science Bound Students

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Program Requirements

Eighth Grade Preparatory Program

Most students are invited to participate in the Preparatory Program during the end of their 7th grade year. In Des Moines, those invited must participate in the Algebra Champions program prior to the start of their 8th grade year. The Preparatory Program consists of monthly meetings with SB teachers in the middle schools, along with visits to Iowa State. Preparatory participants must meet program requirements, including completion of a science fair project and an essay that demonstrates a desire to give to, and learn from, Science Bound. Students who successfully meet the program requirements are welcomed into the high school program at a Crossover ceremony. In Des Moines, rising 9th graders are also required to participate in the Learn and Earn summer program.

High School Program

If space is available, some students are invited to participate in SB the first semester of their freshman year. The high school program meets weekly and includes visits to Iowa State. High school participants must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, participate in 75% or more (and complete all school program assignments) of the program activities, and present a successful oral justification yearly for continuation. SB students are also required to participate in a summer academic or career experience. Des Moines students entering the 9th grade MUST attend Learn and Earn and may attend Learn and Earn through 11th grade. During the senior year, students participate in Countdown to Iowa State.