ISU Students


For the Iowa State University program, it was a record-setting year. Nearly 160 Science Bound graduates were enrolled in Iowa State. The incoming undergraduate class consisted of 43 students, and 17 SB scholars graduated during 2016-17.

One hundred thirty-five Science Bound graduates have now earned degrees from Iowa State. Seventy-five percent received degrees in ASTEM fields. This year’s graduates went on to such places as Kimberly Clark in Georgia; French-Reneker Associates, Inc., Keyot Consulting, John Deere, and DuPont Pioneer in Iowa; and graduate school at Iowa State University, Villanova University and the University of Iowa.

Even though most Science Bound graduates will have been on the Iowa State campus 20 times before they attend ISU, freshmen participate in a seminar program designed just for them. The Science Bound seminar covers such topics as time management, goal setting, effective presentations, study habits, and more.