Des Moines Public School District

The Des Moines SB Program continues to be the largest, with more than 300 SB students. Some of the academic and STEM development activities that high school students engaged in the during 2018-18 included:

  • A STEM topic of personal interest, and presented during oral justifications
  • Participation in school-based and national engineering competitions
  • Challenging themselves through advanced and novel math activities
  • Conducting science experiments; created marshmallow launchers, origami cranes and function machines
  • Engaging in a STEM career exploration projects to identify careers of personal interest

Middle school students also actively engaged in a variety of hands-on STEM activities, including: 

  • Conducting individual science experiments and presenting findings during the Nothing Less Than Success Science Fair
  • Exploring nature and goal setting during an environmental sciences retreat 
  • Learning about wolf populations, extreme weather, molecular movement, bird beak adaptations, salt water cars and alternative fuels, chemical reactions, catapults and trebuchets, during bi-monthly meetings
  • Exploring various careers at a STEM Mentoring Café hosted by Ames Laboratory (U.S. Department of Energy)